Day 46 – Tight Jeans, Trigycerides, and Infomercials

Weight:  246
Workout:  Run, walk, sprint – 80 deep knee bends, 30 push-ups, lower body circuit
Breakfast:  Egg, sausage
Lunch:  Tri-tip steak, red pepper (raw), half orange
Dinner:  Chicken and fried red/green bell peppers

Those of us who have experienced a wide range of numbers on the scale have several things common.  First, most of us have a few token articles of clothing we have kept around from a time when we could fit in them.  I don’t understand why this is. People generally get rid of the things they can no longer use but for some reason unknown to science people who gain weight over time always keep a few things around that no longer fit our larger structure.  I think it is a milestone thing, like we somehow knew we would pass that way again.  My old collection included two pairs of jeans that have been hanging in my closet for at least six years – one black, one blue.  The other day I tried them on for kicks and to my surprise they fit.  The black ones were a little tight but I could get them zipped up which is a feat that has escaped me for a long time.

Another thing we have in common is a general distrust (and disgust) of anything that can be purchased with three equal payments and has a money back guarantee.  This would include Zumba, Insanity, Fitness Gym, Magic Abs and all the rest of the get-fit infomercials on TV.  I wish these people would just once have someone with a 30 day before and after picture that resembles mine.  Get real. No amount of money in the world can transform a 350 pound man into a lean, mean, buffed up,175 pound, ab chiseled krunk of a man in just 30 days for three equal payments of $29.99.  I find it intellectually dishonest and personally insulting due to the fact it makes me feel like I will never look like the ex-fat guy turned Schwarzenegger unless I pony up with a credit card.  Guess what fitness gurus, I don’t need you.  Actually, I am intrigued with the idea of putting my routine on a DVD and selling it for three equal payments to people who want to get healthy.  I should get something out of all my research.  Right?

I went and had my annual check-up and something interesting happened.  My doctor called me several days after the blood test to tell me my triglycerides were at 270.  When I asked what a triglyceride was he told me it was fat in the blood.  The last time I was tested my triglycerides were 125 so he was curious if I had changed my diet.  Well… yes as a matter of a fact I have.  I told him about the Paleo plan and he surprisingly supported the plan but  insisted I take 1000 MGs of Omega 3 Fish Oil twice a day and come back in 90 days to be retested.  The blood test also reported my cholesterol was 134 and everything else was within the norms.

With everything there is going to be adjustments and corrections.  As these things go, Fish Oil is a minor one to contend with.  At least I  won’t be trying to return my Zumba program for a full refund because it didn’t make me look like Tarzan in 30 days.

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