Day 42 – Honey, Cinnamon, and Delirium!

It has been a while since my last post largely because I have been plagued with an annoying cough and sinus issues.  In other words, I have been sick and like most men who get sick the world stops.  I don’t know why it is but when women get sick they seem to plug away at life only slightly affected by what ails them but when men get a cough and a stuffy nose we end up on the sofa unable to get up and take the trash out.  That is what happened to me this weekend.  On Thursday evening I began to feel a little tickle in my chest and by Friday afternoon I was glued to the sofa in my PJs watching reruns of old 007 Bond movies and drinking cough syrup. My friend Warren and my son both had similar symptoms and their run with the crud lasted more than two months.  I was dreading the worst.

The turn around came on Friday night.  Pam had received an email about the wonders of cinnamon and honey.  In the email was a honey/cinnamon remedy for a chest cough.  She brewed it up and gave it to me to drink.  Rarely do we ever get to experience anything close to a miracle but that is what it felt like after I drank the potion.  Immediately, my cough and the itch in my chest ceased.  The instructions said to continue the treatment for three days and today is the third day.  I have never been a big fan of home remedies or homeopathic medicine but I am a believer today.  If you are suffering from this season’s bug, try the following:

1 – Tablespoon of Honey warmed
1/4 – Teaspoon of cinnamon mixed well with the honey.
Drink it down three times a day for three days.  Shabam!

It turns out there are several applications for this miraculous elixir.  Look for a new page on this site that will list all the remedies for many conditions including obesity.  It should be done in a couple of days if not sooner.

My weight on Thursday fell to an all time low of 245 but since I have been relegated to the sofa I have increased to 248 pounds due to the fact I like to eat when I get sick because it quells the squeamish stomach (from all the drainage…)

I obviously didn’t work out during this time but plan to return to the rec center tomorrow.  I confess I fell off the wagon and indulged in some BAD food while I was ill.  I think I was delirious.  But I am back now and more determined than ever to forge on to victory!

End of Day 42

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