Day 32 – A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Mexican Resaurant

Yesterday was one of those days when the Earth’s alignment with the quadratic oblishere makes weird things happen. One of those things was the biological became bio-illogical.  I met Warren at Eggberts for our regular social time together.  All we talked about was food and the progress both of us are making in our efforts to get healthy.  Warren is dealing with  diabetes and is in the process of changing everything about his eating habits as I am but his approach is a bit more conventional.  He ate a healthy breakfast and I had a western omelet with extra crispy hash browns.

After breakfast I headed to town to help a friend who owns a Mexican restaurant.When I was finished helping he offered to buy me lunch.  Sounded good to me so I sat down at a booth and looked over the menu to find something that resembled whole foods.  Nothing.  My friend told me the special of the day was the Chili Relleno.  After a brief conflict of values I ordered the Chili Relleno but without cheese on top or the rice.  It was awesome!  This was the first break from my paleo/primal diet since I started last month.  I was beginning to feel quite guilty but the indulgences were really, really good.

After Pam got off of work we met at Baker Street Pub in town for a little wind down from our day.  When we got there Big Mike was there with his wife.  When you meet a friend at a pub your plans typically change and this was one of those times.  Mike is very social and quite entertaining so we stayed a bit longer than we should have.  Again, I broke my rules and had a couple of Guinness beers – being Irish and all. In fact, I’ll confess it was probably more than a couple.   When it was time to hit the sack I dreaded the scale the next morning.

I stepped on the scale about 6:30 this morning and – hmmmm – I dropped a pound.  My weight today is 248 despite my over indulgence yesterday.  This makes up for some of the plateaus I have experienced in the past.  Did I mention I didn’t work out yesterday?  Go figure!  (What does that mean, anyway?)

Of course I won’t make it a habit to cross the line like I did yesterday but I discovered I don’t have to be so much of a crusader.  Besides, today Earth is not aligned with the quadratic oblishpere so it is back to the logics of the biological.  Too bad, today’s special is fajitas.

End of Day

3 thoughts on “Day 32 – A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Mexican Resaurant

  1. I am curious as well so maybe somebody can post the reason this happens. I think maybe your not taking in enough calories so your body thinks it’s starving and holds onto the calories. But I would love for someone else to share there ideas about this.

  2. There are multiple, possible, explanations for what happened:

    1. The body compensates. In other words, as a result of an improved overall diet, your body’s ability to metabolize extra fat was enhanced.
    2. If you start your days eating breakfast and staying busy, your metabolism could be operating efficiently.
    3. Your workouts have enhanced your metabolism. Contrary to popular opinion, the effectiveness of a workout with regard to burning calories isn’t about burning calories during the workout. It’s about creating muscle mass and using energy systems that keep your metabolism up throughout the course of the day.

    That, in conjunction with consuming calories consistently throughout the day probably contributed to your fat loss. Just a thought.

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