Day 23 – New Low… 250 Pounds!

It is official!  My scale delivered the good news of a new low of 250 pounds. That is 20 pounds lost since I began this journey late last month.  The great thing about this experience is I am never hungry and I feel very healthy although this morning I am extremely sore from my work outs over the last two days. 

What I did not blog about was my 30 minute experience on the elliptical that left my calves craving morphine.  It seems when you get over 50 the muscle pain comes two days after the work out and lasts two days longer than when I was 30.  This morning, after taking Mandi’s advice yesterday, my upper body muscles are competing with my calves to see who can make me grimace the most when I move.   But, no pain – no gain.  Although Mandi’s new work out routine is producing a muscle mutiny I know it won’t last long. 

The visit to the weight doctor was this morning and everyone in the office was very surprised at my progress.  Some of the counselors asked what I was doing so I told them about the Mandi work out routine and the diet based on the Paleo program.  As it turns out, they do not recommend that diet because it interferes with the HCG shots many of their patients use.  Seems the HCG shot is aimed at the body fat so there are fat intake restrictions for those on HCG.  Let me say this without trying to be judgmental or arrogant.  You don’t need HCG!  It is a hormone from pregnant women’s urine.  You just need to eat healthy.  Try the Paleo and watch the weight fall off.  Remember, my mother-in-law was overweight and never worked out.  She lost most of her fat weight simply by giving up bread, pasta and soft drinks.  It is not rocket science.

Tomorrow I will introduce you to Jed and Elroy from the rec center. Now that I have been there a month I have apparently achieved good-ol-boy status with some of the senior regulars and what a hoot they are. My conversation with Jed about global warming was quite insightful and Elroy has brought a whole new meaning to gym fashion. Read about it tomorrow.

End of Day 22

3 thoughts on “Day 23 – New Low… 250 Pounds!

  1. Yay! Congrats Dad! Sorry about the soreness, though. It’ll pass and get easier. Just make sure you’re resting and using a roller (massaging helps, too). Another thing that helps is shortly after your workout, or anytime during the day, sit by a wall, lay on your back, and lift your legs so they go up with the wall. That will let the lactic acid (which is a main reason for your soreness) to drain, therefore, reducing the time you spend sore. Also, if you’re that sore, try less weights in order to keep up the number of reps, less time on the cardio machine, or change up the machine. A big part of interval training is constant change. You can take it easy on cardio one day and really go at the next. So if you do 30 minutes on the elliptical, try 15 minutes stair climbing (or 10 minutes on the gazelle, or 20 minutes doing hill climbs on a treadmill at a slow pace). Keep in mind, too, that avoiding injury is a really important part of this process. You can’t keep going if you get hurt, so take care of yourself!! Otherwise, keep it up!

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