Day 19 – More Weight Doctor Tips

Not everybody agrees with what the experts say about health and diet, not even the experts.  Some of what we have always regarded as indisputable has been recently challenged by doctors such as the role whole grains play in our diets.  One of the reasons whole grains have been promoted for good health is the grain industry lobby funded by companies like Kellogg’s, Ralston, and General Mills has been able to get the endorsement of the federal government.  As the baby boomers age diseases like diabetes and its relationship to obesity has raised doubt about whole grains due to the insulin spike that occurs in the body when whole grains are digested.  New thinking about whole grain has led me to abandon it for better health. After three weeks without whole grains I can say I have lost considerable weight and I feel better.  My weight doctor agrees.

As promised, here are a few more tips from my weight doctor:


1)       Understand your food addictions.  Yes, we can get addicted to certain foods.  Our cells have things called receptors that become accustomed to certain signals generated outside the cell.  These are very complex molecules that perform a multitude of functions.  If you have ever known someone who is always fearful there is a good chance the person is “addicted” to fear meaning that person’s cell receptors have become accustomed to the chemicals produced in the body by fear.  Foods do the same thing.  There are certain chemicals in certain foods that the cell becomes accustomed to and desires.  Usually the foods we get addicted to are not the best foods for us.  Foods like animal fat, sugar, salt, and breads are the most common.  The best way to discover what you are addicted to is to make a list of what you eat and then review the list after two weeks.  By then it should be obvious what foods you are addicted to.  How much butter do you put on your food?  How much salt or sugar do you add to foods?  When you discover what you are addicted to stop eating the food and let your body adjust.  It will be hard for about a week and then you will be fine.

Another of the most substances in food that causes addiction is aspartame. Stop and think about it.  Why do most overweight people drink diet soda?  Initially they drink diet sodas to reduce their calorie intake.  But after a few weeks the amount of diet soda they consume increases dramatically because it becomes an addiction.  If you are a soda drinker the best way to reduce calories is to stop drinking sodas completely.  Aspartame is never a good substitute for sugar.

2)      Eat what your body wants but use common sense and always eat in moderation.  Your body will communicate to you what it needs.  If there is some vitamin, mineral or protein your body needs it will tell you by making you hungry for it just like thirst is your body’s way of telling you to drink.  Sometimes the craving is for something generally thought to be unhealthy like ice cream or mayonnaise.  My weight doctor says it is OK for me to eat what I desire if I use common sense and moderation.  Common sense means to discern if my desire for a particular food is because my body needs it or is addicted to it.  Moderation means if I eat something high in calories I need to make up the difference somewhere else.  In other words, if I eat mayonnaise because there is something in mayonnaise my body needs then I have to give up something else so I do not over indulge.  It is all about balance.

I still recommend a diet of whole, natural foods without whole grains.  This will eliminate almost all harmful addictive foods like animal fat from dairy products, sugar, and yeast from breads.   Since I have started this routine I have craved green and red peppers as well as sweet potatoes.  For whatever reason, there is something in these vegetables my body really wants.  I have never been a real big pepper fan but I am now.  I eat them every day.

3)      Determine what your daily calorie usage is and exercise at least four times a week burning 20% of that amount.  Under normal circumstances I will burn around 2,500 calories a day (250 pounds X 10=2,500 calories).  My calorie intake should never be higher than my daily usage.  Doc’s rule: If you take in more calories than you burn you will gain weight.  If you burn more calories than you take in then you will lose weight.  My minimum exercise routine should result in burning 500 calories per session – four sessions a week.  Now, 500 calories may sound like a lot to most people but keep in mind my weight.  I will burn more because I’m hauling around far more weight than most people.  It is like a man weighing 190 with a 60 pound backpack on.  Try running two miles with a 60 pound backpack and see if you burn more calories.

This advice has worked for me but it may not be right for you.  Before you do what has been described here you should talk to your doctor about it.

A Family Tradition

We have developed a family tradition regarding birthdays over the years.  In our family we tend to celebrate birthdays for a week.  We do this because we are scattered about and we can’t always have the party on the exact birthday.  This was true for me this week.  On Thursday I went to OSU where my daughter took me out for a nice lunch.  Today my wife took me shopping for better running shoes and cooler gym shorts, and then to dinner at my favorite haunt.  Tomorrow my son’s family is coming over for dinner because his schedule kept him from getting together sooner and later in the week I will be with a friend for a lunch – on him.  With all the eating combined with my knee injury I have still been able to maintain my weight at 253 pounds.  Tomorrow, I will be hitting the rec center again with a new routine my oldest daughter will advise me on.  So, the third week ends with favorable results.

Thanks for all the supportive comments and posts!

End of Day 19

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  1. Hey! Sorry I didn’t get to call you until just now. I’ll be sending you an email here pretty soon with more information about what we talked about earlier. Keep up the good work!!

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