Day 15 – Love and Food, the Perfect Match!

Right now on iTunes Al Green is singing, I’m So In Love With You.  As I write this I am thinking of the one person who has made me completely happy for the last 26 years, my lovely wife Pam.  I want to give a Happy Valentine’s Day shout out to her and to my three beautiful daughters, Mandi, Angela and Laura.

The downside to holidays like Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Easter, and birthdays is they are all eating holidays.  Tradition dictates we take our wives out to dinner on Valentine’s Day.  Love and food – especially chocolate.  Easter is also a big pig out like Thanksgiving and, of course, birthdays are usually accompanied by a meal followed by a birthday cake.  This week I get to experience two of these eating celebrations: Valentine’s Day and my 53rd birthday.  Food and more food. Since the scale has not been good to me lately I am tempted to throw caution to the wind and give myself a well deserved allowance.  But then I remember an earlier post where I talked about how changing one’s will leads to failure.

I suppose the key word in the phrase lifestyle change is change which includes how I eat during these times.  I have discovered in my many attempts at dieting that allowances always lead to failure.  So, I am sticking with nothing but whole foods today and on my birthday.  I will overcome!

I weighed in for the fourth day in a row at 257 pounds despite the fact I did a major work out yesterday.  This is both discouraging and annoying but I press on.  Today, because my lower back muscles are hurting (from the green firewood “we” unloaded) I just did the track.  Two miles non-stop running and a couple of laps cool down.  My lunch consisted of a ground beef steak, onions, and beans.  For dinner I took Pam out to Charleston’s where she had a Rib Eye and I had a baked pork chop with garlic mashed potatoes (no bread, no pasta, no whole grains).  It was delicious and I maintained my resolve.  This month so far:

End of Day 15

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