Day 12 – What My Mother Didn’t Teach Me About Free Radicals, Toxins, and Antioxidants

Losing weight is more than just losing weight.  Losing weight is a lifestyle change and if I am going to make a lifestyle change I want to know all the facts.  My journey has been undergirded by several methods of research including chats with people in the know like many of my fellow bloggers and professionals as well as my doctors.  In less than a week I will be 53 so this is major stuff for me.  As a result, I decided to coral some of this great knowledge and post it on Saturdays starting with some tips I learned from my weight doctor.  These tips are by no means exhaustive.  More will come later.   But hearing is not listening and I didn’t start to listen until recently.  I will start with toxins and antioxidants.

Everyone is talking about toxins and the importance of antioxidants.  Like most people, I would agree with people when they talked about toxins and antioxidants because it sounded righteous enough and I didn’t know anything about either one of them to offer an opinion.  Now, embarking on 53, I am learning about them and have made some discoveries I really want to share with anyone who will listen.  Why?  Because there has been no other time in human history where toxins have been a greater threat to humanity than the time we live in right now.  The fact is, despite our scientific and medical advances,  we are fighting more diseases now than we did 100 years ago.

What Is A Toxin?

Toxins are poisons that are ingested into our bodies through food, water, chemicals, and air.  Toxins come from insecticides on crops, fertilizers that have run off into our water supplies, household cleaning supplies, detergents, fabric softeners, cola, steroids ingested in the livestock we eat, exhaust from engines, factory exhaust, make up, and the list goes on and on and on.  When these poisons enter the body several things happen.  Many toxins are cleaned up naturally through the liver, kidneys or the immune system.  When we become overloaded with toxins, free radicals can develop causing a chain reaction that damages our cells directly resulting in illness.  Toxins can also be biological like bacteria (E. coli).


What Is An Antioxidant?

An antioxidant is a molecule that interacts with free radicals and successfully terminates the free radical before it can harm the cell.  Basically, an antioxidant is to poisonous cell destruction as antibodies are to infections.  Since we voluntarily and involuntarily ingest so many toxins, most of us need to help our bodies with supplemental antioxidants.

Weight Doctor Tip #1 – Take Pycnogenol

Pycnogenol is an extract from the bark of the French maritime pine tree.  This tree can only be found in the southwest coastal region of France which explains part of the reason it is so expensive.  Here is what a Quantum Health article says about Pycnogenol:

How does Pycnogenol® work for your health?
As one of the most potent natural scavenger of free radicals, Pycnogenol® mops-up all kinds of aggressive radicals, before they cause any damage by oxidative stress. Pycnogenol® boosts the immune system and it strengthens blood vessel walls and capillaries. It supports a better circulation by preventing stress-induced constriction of arteries and blood clotting. Additionally the extract contains substances, which act against cramps.

Free radicals – why fight them?
In every day life our body generates free radicals, especially in case of stress. These chemically unbalanced radicals cause damage to our cells by oxidizing them, in the same way as metal becomes rusty and destroyed. Hence, free radicals are dangerous and scientists believe that the continuous exposure to free radicals is the major cause of ageing and also of many degenerative diseases. As a super-antioxidant, Pycnogenol® counteracts that danger in two ways: It stimulates our cells to double their antioxidative power and it catches free radicals in the blood stream. That double defense makes Pycnogenol® unique.

There are also special benefits for smokers, women, and anyone affected by stress.  The recommended dosage from my weight doctor is one capsule for every 25 pounds of body weight for the first week gradually reducing the daily dosage by one capsule a week until I reach three a day.  I started out taking eight capsules a day (all at once) for the first week, seven a day the following week, six a day the following week and so on until I reached the three a day mark and that is where I am permanently (your dosage may vary depending on the brand and health consultant).  Take it from one who is not a big fan of supplements, Pycnogenol works!  I highly recommend it.  But be careful.  Like most successful things, there are knock-offs.  Trust a weight clinic or a reputable health store like GNC.

When I arrived in Oklahoma I started having serious joint pain issues.  My joint pain has disappeared since I started taking Pycnogenol.

More information about Pycnogenol can be found at

Weight Doctor Tip #2 – Eat Organically Whenever Possible

I used to think the term organic meant nothing more than a way to charge more for food or a term for food produced by hippies and people from San Francisco. Thanks to my daughter, Mandi, I learned organic food is food produced without the use of dangerous insecticides, poisons, or dangerous chemicals in processing (probably invented by hippies or people from San Francisco).  This includes livestock, produce, or any processed food – basically any food you eat.  The wisdom is the less poison we ingest the fewer toxins we have in our bodies.  There are many places to buy organic food and the prices for this food are falling as the popularity of organics increases.  Organic foods can be purchased at Whole Foods, Central Market as well as many high end grocery stores.  But, be careful.  Not all food labeled organic is organic.  Do your research and learn the brands or shop at a trusted organic food store.

Weight Doctor Tip #3 – Drink Water, Water, Water

Most of us have been told this for a long time but few of us drink enough water.  Water is the great regulator of the body.  It affects everything from joint pain to bowl movements.  Water cleanses the body by washing out the bad stuff and re-hydrating the good stuff like cells.  You know you are drinking adequate water by the look of your urine.  The lighter the urine is the better.  If it is dark you need more water.

More from weight doctor in future blogs.

My weight dropped 2 pounds today to 257.  Since it is Saturday I am not doing any exercise except loading a ric of wood into my truck somewhere in northeast Oklahoma and then unloading it at home.  Real manly lumberjack stuff.  Anyway, my scale is my friend again and I am glad I am back on the way down.

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