Day 8 – Thou Shalt Not Text On The Track!

The fascination we have for personal technology devices is a sign of great cultural achievement and great cultural depravity at the same time.  Achievement in the sense the science of technology has advanced at lightening speed in the last few decades.  Consider the fact that your personal computer is far more powerful than the computer used on board Apollo 13.  Depravity in the sense of how the average person uses this technology.  It is great to be able to text a quick question across the world and get a quick answer.  It is depraved to text Aunt Betsy to ask what she’s doing  while driving 70 mph with four kids in the back of the minivan.  You know what I’m talking about.

Imagine my utter contempt for the soccer mom texting while waddling along the track at the rec center this afternoon.   I mean, the track only has three lanes and we’re not in the lanes because we’re thin.  With her phone strapped to her fingers this queen of consumption wandered and drifted from lane to lane totally oblivious to the fact the rest of us were out there trying to be serious about our mission to actually work out.  More than once my fellow fat burners stumbled as they ran into her when she suddenly shifted into their lane like a rolling storm.  What was she doing, filling out an online mortgage application?  Is it too much to ask to leave the freaking phone in the car for the few minutes you are on the track?  To make it worse, at each collision she looked at her victim like it was their fault.

The great part of this experience was I was able to run/jog the entire 15 minutes without walking so today was a milestone for me.  My wind is improving immensely and so is my strength and endurance.  I am a little disappointed my weight remained at 259 when I weighed this morning.  I desperately hate plateaus.   Is this God’s way of teaching me patience?  I wish he would hurry up.  I also completed 40 push-ups, 25 sit-ups, 30 deep knee bends and increased my weights a little on the circuit.  The deep knee bends always seem to make my heart beat stronger and I use more wind doing them than I do running.  Kinda weird.

As far as food goes, I ate much more than usual.  I just seemed hungrier than usual so I ate more but kept to the diet.

I suppose technology makes it possible to write this blog and technology has improved many aspects of the gym as well as the machines we use.  But, if you go work out somewhere, please leave the freaking phone in the car.  All of us on track thank-you very, very much.

End of Day 8

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