Day 6 – Strong Body, Strong Mind

They say, “Where there is a will there is a way.” Volition is a powerful human force that can be one’s path to success or failure. I will to do this or that and it is done – success. That is, unless at some point I say I no longer will to do this or that – failure. I determine to do something until I determine to do something different. Failure, then, is a result of the volition of those who will to fail just as success is a result of those who will to succeed.

So what changes one’s will? Try losing weight and it will become abundantly clear. I sometimes think my body has a will of its own that contends with the will of my mind. I want to lose weight and it wants an afternoon at Panera Bread. I want to be healthy and it wants happy hour at my favorite cigar bar. It is amazing to me how such a noble human initiative to lose weight and improve one’s self can be threatened by something as simple as cheesecake. Seems the toughest part of weight loss is the battle of the wills, not the sacrifice of certain foods or the pain of the work out. I thought I was doing this to get my body in shape. As it turns out, by necessity I am improving my mind.

I am still in a plateau but my will, although wounded, is intact. My scale reads in tenths and yesterday I was 261.8 and this morning I was 261.2 despite the fact I did not work out and had a big dinner. Good always conquers evil.

I am taking it easy this weekend in an attempt to heal. This morning I opted not to go to the rec center in favor of a walk-run around circle in a nearby neighborhood. The temperature outside was in the low 40’s so it was a brisk, motivating event for me. Turns out it takes 30 minutes for me to get around the circle. I jogged for the first eight minutes and power walked for the remainder of the distance. After my push-ups I had grapes, yogurt, and a pear for breakfast. For lunch I had a ground beef patty grilled on the BBQ, fresh onions, and a Roma tomato sliced and seasoned with an Italian garlic pepper grinder, more grapes and water. For dinner, I am going to fight the temptation of all this bad food my family has prepared for the Super Bowl. I will rise above it and overcome. Strong Body, Strong Mind!

Go Patriots!

End of Day 6

2 thoughts on “Day 6 – Strong Body, Strong Mind

  1. Hey! I’m glad you overcame your wounded will and kept it up with your goals! Good for you! From what I’ve studied, people often mistake plateau’s with other effects from consistent workouts. For one, it may be that you gained some muscle mass in the process and that’s what was showing on the scale. Muscle weighs more fat, so maybe this time around you gained a lot more muscle mass than burned fat. Another reason for it might be your sudden diet change. The food you intake can affect your metabolic rate, which can impact your weight loss progress. It takes calories to burn calories. If you drastically lessen your calorie intake, your metabolism can suffer, making your weight loss during rest hours suffer, too. I’m not saying you ought to change your diet; it just might take a minute for you body to catch up and adjust. Also, be sure you’re getting plenty of rest. Not resting can affect everything from weight loss progress to strength training recovery. Anyhow, it sounds to me like your body is adjusting to your new life style, not necessarily that you’ve hit a major plateau. Good job Dad!

  2. Thanks sweetie. Never thought of the muscle gain. I thought it was metabolism change. When I lost before I would plateau at 10 – 15 pounds for about three days then drop suddenly. Now that the muscle soreness is wearing off I think it might have been weight gain. Good insights, keep it up!

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