Day 5 – This Really Sucks

We live in a world that exists in a binary construct of opposites. In physics the basic form of matter is the atom which is a positively charged nucleus of protons surrounded by negatively charged electrons of which everything in nature consists. Opposites are all around us. There is light and dark, male and female, up and down, right and wrong, health and sickness, and there is good and evil. Each depends on its own opposite for its identity. Think about it, there would be no reason to identify good health if no one ever got sick. Everyone would just be. Sickness defines good health by necessity.

For those of us trying to lose weight there is an evil opposite to losing weight and it is not gaining weight. If we were not trying to lose weight the opposite of losing would be gaining but while we are working hard and doing everything right, the opposite of losing is the dreaded plateau. A plateau is when you are consistently losing and then one day you step on the scale and you either stay the same or even gain a little even though you never changed your workout or diet. Plateaus can last for as little as a day or up to a week or more.

I apparently plateaued today. When I stepped on the scale this morning I was 261 pounds. Yesterday I did everything right. I exercised according to my routine and ate according to my diet. When I went to the scale I expected to launch into a celebration of breaking the 260 barrier. Imagine how it felt to see 261. Bummer.

Plateaus are a fact of life I learned. They are evil periods during the weight loss experience because plateaus make you feel discouraged to the point of wanting to quit. Plateaus make me feel like I did when someone broke into my garage and stole my tools. It sucks. Plateaus also defy the laws nature like Newton’s Law of physics that states for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Or, my weight doctor’s law that says if I burn 2,500 calories more than I take in I will lose a pound of weight. Where is my equal and opposite reaction? Where did my 2,500 calories go? I don’t understand human biology enough to make sense of plateaus but I know they must be of the devil because they defy natural law. The only positive I can think of with regards to plateaus is they make me appreciate when I lose. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

End of Day 5

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