Day 4 – Making Hay

There are few gyms you can go to where hay deals are made by two naked farmers in the locker room.  As I was dressing out these two Rogers County farmers struck a deal on some hay one of them had for sale.  In case you are interested, hay is going for $12.50 a square bale.  The outlook for for hay prices this year is hay will be higher due to sporadic droughts around the region.  I came to the rec center to lose weight and in the interim I am gaining a whole new education on a variety of topics.  Good for me.

My weight dropped another two pounds when I weighed this morning.  I am now at 260, ten pounds from my high of 270 on January 21.  Six of these pounds were lost since my workouts started so I am pleased with the results and claim a degree of success.

The workout seemed a little tougher today for some reason.  My planned fifteen minute warm up had a little less running, a bit more walking and a lot more breathing.  For some reason I feel weaker today. Because the weekend is here I decided to push just a little more knowing I would not workout until Monday  so I went a few minutes longer on the track.  I also increased the weights on the circuit to really work my upper body muscles.  Let me just share with you, if you work your biceps and triceps too hard you may not have enough strength to get your sweaty tee shirt off later.  That’s what happened to me today.  About the time I got the shirt over my head my arms were quenched of strength and I looked like an idiot trying to fight my way out of a paper bag as I banged against the lockers in a panic.  Don’t let this happen to you.

Here is the updated results:

Food and Nutrition


A tremendous of amount of research went in to discovering the best way to eat during my journey.  This is what I believe is best for me.  You may have different ideas.  As I mentioned in previous blog posts, I have eliminated whole grains and their byproducts from my diet.  I did this for two reasons.  First, my mother-in-law cut out bread and soda and lost all of her unwanted fat without exercising.  In fact, she got thin.  Second, I learned that eating whole grains spikes our insulin causing whole grains to be stored as fat.  I am not a biology expert by any means but when I see people stop eating bread, pasta, rice and breaded foods lose and lose weight fast, I become interested.  How it all works is not that important to me as long as I can lose weight.  Think about how much grain products you eat in a day especially if you are a person who eats out often.  I lost six pounds in four days by not eating whole grains and working out.  It speaks for itself.  I know there are many, many experts who swear whole grains are essential to good health but I believe otherwise.  Think about what all the people who lived before the knowledge of processing grains was acquired.  They ate meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, and nuts.  No bread.


My son’s endocrinologist told us never to take vitamins that are in excess of the 100% daily recommendation and never take them in the morning.  It seems our bodies can only absorb so much of them and the rest is either stored in our bodies or washed out in our urine which is a huge waste of money.  Did you know iron restricts the thyroid hormone? If you are taking thyroid medicine please see your endocrinologist before staring a vitamin regimen.  I choose to believe him so I take a Centrum at night before I go to bed.


Processed foods can be very bad for you.  I had a friend who died of colon cancer who swore his cancer was a result of eating too much processed foods.  My friend worked out daily but ate fast food for the majority of his meals.  Processed foods are anything that aren’t whole foods like meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, and nuts.  The only processed food I now eat is the corn meal around a tamale and yogurt.  Everything else is out.  For breakfast I eat fruit and yogurt with an occasional bacon and eggs.  For lunch I usually stop at a grocery store and get a few non-breaded wings or a hamburger patty along with a tomato, banana, peach or pear and water.  Dinner is usually a meat like beef or chicken, a sliced tomato or pepper, a fruit of some kind and more water (sometimes a small glass of milk).  I also enjoy salads and don’t care what dressing I use or how much.  Later in the evening I will have another yogurt or fruit.  I am also learning to be creative with food.  For instance, a baked potato with the juice from the roast on it is great.  Or, stir fry with chicken, onion, red pepper, yellow pepper, green pepper, and a stir fry sauce without rice is wonderful.  You can also be creative and I hope you share your recipes with me.  Whole foods are far better for you than all the boxed foods you get at the grocery store.  Think about the money you will save.

My wife and I are also moving towards buying our meat from a cattleman we know.  It seems the steroids and hormones used in production foods also can affect us negatively.  I learned farmers use steroids to shorten the time a chicken goes from egg to slaughter.  This cannot be healthy for us to eat so we are looking into buying chickens from a local farmer.  Go el naturale!

So, I am glad a hay deal was done today in the locker room at the Claremore recreation center by two naked farmers.  The hay may play a role in me and my family’s future health.

Looking forward to a restful weekend and wishing you one, too.

End of Day 4

4 thoughts on “Day 4 – Making Hay

  1. That’s awesome Dad! Good job! I really like that you mentioned hormone/steroid free meats. Both steroids and hormones are regulated by medical doctors due to their potentially negative effect on the body. When taken unnecessarily, they can cause serious damage to our bodies. There’s little different between eating something containing that product and injecting it directly aside from the immediacy of the effects due to time and amounts. Another thing worth considering is the general happiness of the animals and their environmental conditions. Consider how negatively stress affects the human body. Stress produces toxins that can cause serious health problems. If we eat an animal that is placed in a stressful environment (tight spaces, lacking in exercise and proper food, normal relationships to other animals… namely, all the basic things that can cause stress in humans), those same toxins are released by those animals, and therefore ingested by us. Kind of gross.

    I’m really glad you’re doing this! I think this is really inspirational and I hope you keep going with it!!

    • Thanks Mandi! I can always use encouragement I never thought about the stress toxins but you are right, I don’t need any more bad stuff. As I learn about foods and health I am amazed at what is going on in food. Someone told me steroids used in chickens today have shortened the maturity life of the chicken so they can bring it to market quicker. The average time from the hatched egg to slaughter size is 45 days thanks to the use of steroids in chickens. Ugh.

  2. I know. It’s gross. I need to get back on track of making sure the meat I buy is from institutions that support local, humane farmers that raise happy animals. Whole Foods is a really great company for that. Their standards are incredibly high and they are transparent when it comes to where their foods are from and the conditions the animal you are buying was raised in. And, as a plus, the meats from Whole Foods are generally cheaper than what we buy at any other local grocery store (like HEB). It just takes diligence!

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