Day 3 – Only In Oklahoma!

The recreation center where I work out is in Claremore, Oklahoma.  Claremore is the setting for the Broadway musical, Oklahoma!, just in case you were not aware.  We moved here about four years ago and discovered it is a very down to earth place where people smile, know their neighbors and go to church every Sunday.  Claremore is also the hometown of Will Rogers and Patti Page.  Unfortunately, however, Oklahoma is ranked, depending on which study you quote, in the top five states for obesity.  That is one reason why Claremore built a seven million dollar recreation center which is state of the art.

I mention this because it gives some background to what I witnessed today when I worked out.  About the time I got to the front door of the facility an older couple in their seventies walked in just before me using the handicap automated door.  This struck me as sort of paradoxical but it is what it is.  The husband had a slight limp, was wearing what looked like a comfortable pair of cowboy boots, starched and pressed Wrangler jeans, John Deere cap, western shirt and suspenders.  His wife had on a spiffy pair of sneakers, Wrangler jeans and an embroidered shirt that you can only find in antique stores outside the city limits. When we were all in I went on to the locker room to suit up and I did not notice where they went.  I assumed they were there to go to some class or see their great grandchildren swim.

When I got to the track I was surprised to see the old couple getting after it on the track cowboy boots and all.  They were holding hands and each was stepping in time with the other.  The limp was still noticeable but few of the younger set ever got a chance to pass them on the track.  Now I don’t know who reads this blog or where they are from but I doubt seriously if anyone has ever seen a couple in their seventies speed walking on a track in cowboy boots, pressed and starched Wrangler jeans, western shirt, suspenders and a John Deere cap.  Now imagine if a thirty year old man had come to the gym wearing the same outfit.  I promise you there would be a public reaction but not this old guy.  I have discovered there seems to be a point when you get to an age where you don’t give a flying crap about what anybody else thinks and the world blesses you for it.  I applaud this old couple, cowboy boots and all.  Rock on!

Today I did 15 minutes of walk only.  When I woke up this morning I felt like I had a hangover and initially pronounced to my wife I was not going to the gym.  When guilt and drive set in I decided to go but take it easy because I hurt and felt drained.  After the walk I did 30 push-ups, 30 deep knee bends, and 30 toe touches.  Afterward I went to the circuit and did 2 reps of 15 on the butterfly, 3 reps of 15 on the chest press, 30 bench curls, and 2 reps of reverse curls.

My weight remained at 262 pounds, unchanged from yesterday.  The diet remains whole grain free with lots of whole foods like fruit, salad, meat, vegetables and water.  Tomorrow I’ll talk more about the diet, supplements, and other nutritional things I have learned from research.  It is still unknown how it will turn out but I press on with certainty it will not be time wasted.

End of Day 3

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