Day 2 – Sweat Is Not A Four Letter Word

When I woke up this morning I was surprised I didn’t hurt as bad as I thought I would.  Yes, there was some muscle pain but not bad.  That is, until I leaned over to pet Buster, my faithful Blue Heeler.  I suddenly realized the “glutes” were still there and wanted me to know it in a big way.  When you feel the pain you know you did something worthwhile otherwise it wouldn’t hurt.  That’s what I kept telling myself, anyway.  I made my way to the bathroom and mounted the dreaded weight scale.  Yesterday it read 266 lbs (I had lost a couple before deciding to work out) but today it displayed a glorious 262.  A pay-off after just one day.  Hooah! After my son left for school and my wife left for work I loaded the bag and headed to the rec center with a new bounce in my step for Day 2.

The first thing I noticed was the parking lot was full.  What concerned me the first day was a reality the second day.  It was interesting.  I noticed right away there were people of all ages here today but the one glaring difference was from the young to the old, most of them were in really good shape.  Several of the ladies in the late sixties were quite shapely and looked like they had been at it for a lifetime.  Middle aged moms were pounding away on the treadmills as if they had grown up on them.  Young guys that should have been at work were hurling discs of steel up and down all over the weight room.  It was a great looking bunch and I looked forward to working out with this crowd.

I did have a little apprehension about going into the men’s locker room after what had happened to me yesterday.  I had prayed what I saw yesterday would not be the norm otherwise I may have to modify my fitness plans.  Imagine the rush of relief that came over me when I saw the locker room was completely empty.  I went to my locker, dressed out, and headed for the track upstairs.  When I got there I suddenly realized where everyone was – on the track.  I did my stretches and took off.  This time I made it for eight minutes before I walked and worked up a good sweat.  After 15 minutes, I went to the locker room to fetch my access card to the circuit room.  When I got there I decided to sit down and rest a minute.  Suddenly, a man about my age stepped over to me with a serious look on his face and said, “Are you alright?”  I assured him I was fine and he just kept looking at me.  “Are you sure?” he asked again.  I guess I looked at him with some impatience as he leaned back and stepped back.  I assured him again I was fine and he left the room looking back one more time before he disappeared to make sure I hadn’t had a sudden stroke or something.  Did I look that bad? I halfway expected an emergency medical crew to come and get me by the way he looked at me but none came.  Being curious, I went to the mirror to see what he saw but everything was the same except for the purplish red skin and the overcoming sweat drops that could be seen coming straight out my pores.  Nothing unusual.

I went out to the gym and did 17 push-ups today, 25 sit-ups, and 25 deep knee bends.  The sweat had increased over yesterday and the endorphins had looped me up again.  I washed some cold water on my face and went to the circuit room where I did 2 fifteen count reps on the butterfly.  As I finished another older guy looked at me and said, “The pain only lasts for a little while,” and laughed.  So did the Barbie grandmother on the other side of me.  What was going on?  Don’t people sweat in this facility?  After I finished I headed back to the locker room for a shower well away from the pool door and then off to work.

Although, it seemed like I did more today I felt worse than yesterday.  Perhaps I pushed my limits a little too far but I am a type A personality and we all know people like us throw caution to the wind.  I have to keep telling myself that a guy who weighs 262 pounds and works out is like a guy who weighs 200 pounds wearing a 62 pound backpack who works out.  I need to realize all of this extra weight makes my workouts much harder than a guy with much less weight so I need to not push so hard until I shed more pounds.  As I write this I feel great but may take tomorrow off.

End of Day 2.

1 thought on “Day 2 – Sweat Is Not A Four Letter Word

  1. You are doing great! Very proud of you. I wish I had the same kind of determination but then I’m not a type A person. Do be careful with pushing the limits. You have to remember it took years for you to put that weight on so it will take a little time to get it off. Look forward to reading how your day 3 went.

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